Your Favorite Model's Skin Care Tips
Your Favorite Model's Skin Care Tips
Your Favorite Model's Skin Care Tips

Who is your favorite model and what do they look like? Many of us think models are flawless and we want to be like them sometimes. But did you know that models are people like you who give time to things they love? Skincare is about giving your skin the attention it deserves to become radiant and looking gorgeous. One thing that draws us closer to a model is her skin. After all, you hardly hear them talk, but we all see their skin look and love it.

In this article, we will be giving tips on how to achieve models skin type and discuss what models do to make the kind of skin we cherish about them.

Let me share one cool model secret with you. Many of them use organic skincare products. But look on your shelf right now and tell me how many chemicals you have in there. Hey, did you really want your skin to look like your favorite models? Then keep reading our top model tips on how they achieve their flawless skin look making people falling over themselves to catch a glimpse of their favorite model on the runway.

Tip number one: They don’t use face wash, they use toner in the morning

Face wash using soaps tears down your skin real estate, leaving it empty land where breakouts find real ground to mass produce their kinds. Instead of using face wash every morning like clockwork, models use skin toner which penetrates their skin, living it hydrated and maintain their natural complexion. Also note, they don’t just go for anything toner, the make sure its organic and natural that is friendly on their skin and not one that leaves the skin running to the emergency skin care unit for attention. Using skin toner helps to balance your skin pH level. Do you want a great organic skin toner? Please visit the product page of Pure Tropix for something suitable. Take your time to go through product list for the best your need.

green ginger toner

Tip number two: The avoid sugar and maintain optimum body weight size

Hmm, if you find models appealing do you also know that they do more to get what they look like? Do you have that discipline to stay away from sugar? Raw sugar is like an arrow piercing the skin to destroy it. Models know this and stay away so they can stay with their skin. For how long have you maltreated your skin because you can resist those cups of spice cream top with fresh farm cherry? Little did you know that the restaurant seller is trained to bring things you need to give you things you don’t need. I think you had read about how delicious the farm-fresh cherry on ice-cream tastes to whet your appetite that you find it difficult to resist, yet you keep pumping sugar down your throat with every scoop!

Sugar destroys the skin, makes it age faster than the fastest jet you can imagine. Sugar destroys body collagen and elastin.  Thus, it is giving you a saggy skin look at a young age. Sometimes you can’t even recognize yourself in the mirror. But models know this and have decided to stay away from sugar. Be prepared to do that if you want a model-like skin too.

Tip number three: Go for regular facial treatments

Models may not have time to make an appointment with you, but they never fail to get an appointment for facial treatment. It is a routine for models to sit down and attend to their skin and face in particular. Who is your facial aesthetician? Who helps you to keep your facial in tune for a good shape? Do you even have a regular organic facial treatment line of product you use every day? Apology if I ask too many questions, I am only trying to say that models never joke with the quality of their skin and so spend quality time to get professionals look at their faces to ensure nothing is amiss. They never wait until there is fire before calling the fireman; they, in fact, sit with firefighters to ensure fire never comes. Remember this, when you only meet experts during a crisis, all you get is an emergency solution, not a natural solution that gives you a model look.

spa treatment


Tip number four: Skip sunscreen like models do

Due to model’s quality time with skin experts, they know sunscreen can be unhealthy for the skin sometimes. Applying sunscreen blocks the skin pores stifling it from having a good breath that triggers skin problems. Therefore, models know when to use sunscreen and when not to use it. With such routine, they can keep their skin free of blockages and give it fresh feel always. Did you know sunscreen prevents you from getting enough vitamin D from the sun? The majority of people out there suffer this as consequences of using sunscreen, and the deficiency can result in asthma, cancer, cognitive impairment and much more.

In life, you worry too much not because there is a problem but because you don’t have information regarding your challenge. When you know what to do, every situation becomes like a piece of cake that dissolves in your mouth effortlessly. If you want to have your favorite model’s skin look, think as they do about their skin.

Tip number five: Models keep hydrated all day long

For many, moisturizer is only a part of skin routine that should be used if available. They don’t even care what moisturizer they use, as long as one is available. Some don’t even know that water is an important part of skincare procedure they must observe. Look at any model; they look sufficiently hydrated all the time. Hey, don’t look at their body shape and type. A model might look skinny, but the flash and skin are well nourished and watered that no amount of toxin can feel comfortable in their system.


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Get quality, an organic moisturizer that has not alcohol in it and back this up with drinking lots of water daily. Your body needs to be well hydrated to look nice and use other body nutrients for the benefits of your skin.

Tip number six: Models workout

The look of your favorite model is achieved with a combination of healthy food, proper hygiene, and exercise and quality organic skincare products. Models don’t joke with exercise because they understand the connection it has with their how their skin looks. Use the best product and eat the best food without proper metabolism and sufficient workout to keep the body organs up and running, most things you eat and do become junks in the body.


workout skin care


If you can, enroll in an exercise class to gets your body moving at tolerable speed at least three times a week. Your favorite models do this, and you should too. Exercise helps to keep your blood circulation and nutrients come to the skin surface. When the skin surface receives enough and natural blood flow through it as well as the food nutrients, it keeps the skin radiant and lively.

As my parting gift, what you need to do if you want the look of your favorite model, bring Quality organic skincare products, and changed positive mental attitude, with great workout plan together. Doing this will not only impact your skin positively, but you will also become successful in your life, business and family. Thank you for reading.