Does Sea Moss Work? My Experience Trying Sea Moss Gel - What’s That About? - Dr Sebi and Sea Moss

Does Sea Moss Work? My Experience Trying Sea Moss Gel - What’s That About? - Dr Sebi and Sea Moss
Does Sea Moss Work? My Experience Trying Sea Moss Gel - What’s That About? - Dr Sebi and Sea Moss

I was watching This video, “My Experience with Sea Moss.” And I thought of sharing my response about it. 

First of all, I agree with the information and stuff he is saying. For example, Sea Moss offers a wide range of health benefits, as we have seen its use in several health care products.

Second, you can take Sea Moss in a variety of forms, including gel, powder, tablet, and liquid, which is another added advantage.

With this in mind, here are my thoughts about Sea Moss and the stuff this video is explaining.

Sea Moss Makes You Feel Energetic

There's a scientific reason behind feeling more energetic after consuming sea moss. For instance, when your body is running low on energy, it's because of iron deficiency. And, sea moss products come into play to overturn the symptoms of low energy.

For example, Sea Moss contains a high amount of iron and helps your body transport oxygen to your cells. As a result, your body cells use that oxygen to extract energy from food.

That said, I agree with the information that you can feel more energized in the morning after taking Sea Moss in any form.

You Can Do More Cardio

Cardio is well-known for burning body calories and helping with weight loss. So if you're trying to get in shape and want to get rid of extra calories, Sea Moss can work wonders with that.

For instance, you can do more cardio after consuming one to two spoons of Sea Moss gel or powder in your morning protein shake. And with time, you will see a considerable decrease in your total calories.

It Keeps Your Skin Hydrated.

Our skin usually gets dry due to a deficiency of essential body elements and nutrients, such as vitamins and fatty acids. However, that does not happen when we consume Sea Moss.

For instance, taking Sea Moss helps replenish essential elements, including calcium and magnesium, which hydrate our skin and make it supple. On top of that, it also assists in proper cell functioning that helps in cell regeneration and healing.

With this in mind, many skincare products use Sea Moss as a hero ingredient.

Sea Moss Boosts Your Immune System

Amidst the pandemic, we all need to have a strong immune system to fight against the deadly coronavirus. It's because our immune system is our body's armor against many bacterial infections.

That said, I agree that Sea Moss helps improve our immune system and protects us against a variety of illnesses, be it viral, bacterial, fungal, or any kind.

Take, for example, Salmonella. It is a bacterium that increases its number in the human body and causes muscle cramps, diarrhea, abdominal pain, fever, etc.

With all that said, my response to this video is positive, and I would say trying Sea Moss to enjoy health benefits.

Sometimes, you may feel the smell of Sea Moss when taking it. However, the effect doesn't stay for a long time provided the benefits you get with the product.