Top Shaving Tips to Stop Ingrown Hairs
Top Shaving Tips to Stop Ingrown Hairs
Top Shaving Tips to Stop Ingrown Hairs

Top shaving tips to stop ingrown hairs/ ingrown hair prevention according to Pure Tropix

Razor bumps, otherwise known as an ingrown hair, have been a traumatizing condition for most men and women who shave their hairs. Ingrown hairs have been mistaken for different skin problems across ages such that huge sum of money has been spent in combating the trouble. The bottom of the crisis is how hairs have shaved that result in trapping the hair underneath the skin to cause ingrown eventually.

Ingrown hair can be very uncomfortable for the affected person and sometimes if you are closer to the infected person you will pity them for the discomfort and agony they experience as a result of ingrown hair. How do I stop ingrown hair the next time I shave my hair? It is a question many are asking in finding the way to prevent ingrown hair after shave and this article answer that question with five different tips:


Tip one: Improve your skin surface

Ingrown thrives in an atmosphere of dirt, and before you shave, it’s important to improve your skin’s surface areas. The reason you need to improve the surface area is to cause the blood in the skin area to dilate and open up the pores to get in more air with blood in the area flowing. When this happens, the hair in the area will have a clear passage to come out of the skin without any blockage and won’t have to return to the skin to cause trouble.

The best way to improve your skin surface area is by exfoliating regularly and especially before you shave. What exfoliation does is to remove dirt from the skin pores to leave it dirt free and sufficiently aerated to promote skin health and better hair growth without blockage.

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To exfoliate your skin the proper way, go for Pure Tropix Ingrown Hair Prevention for a pure natural home spa treatment and remove the dull, dry skin to reveal your natural and sufficiently moisturized skin for luminescent glow. When next you want to shave you will discover it’s smoother and easier without bumpy feel aftershave.

Proper exfoliation removes the dirt, cleanse your skin surface and promote natural hair growth. The shaving will be smooth thus preventing hairs getting trapped underneath the skin and causing a reverse growth to become ingrown.

Tip two: change your shaving style
There is the saying that it is wrong to do the same thing over again the same way and expect a different result. When the process is wrong, it is definite that the result will be bad too. If you continue to shave the same as always, then you will continue to witness ingrown as many times as you shave your hairs.

You may have been told this before now to stop putting pressure on your shave stroke. Don’t do that as it will hurt your skin and instead of cutting the hair; you cut your skin too which ends up closing the passage for new hairs coming out. The truth is our hair continues to grow no matter how much we cut it unless if the individual is sick or suffering health conditions that inhibit hair grow. Under normal circumstances, hairs will grow as many times as you trim them.

Again, remember that the more pressure you put on the skin, the closer will the hair stub get under the skin to cause ingrown.

Another thing relating to shaving is to avoid shaving against the growth path of the hair. If you rub your hand on your clean shaven head, you will notice the growth direction of the hair. If you rub your hand against the direction of growing of the hair, you will see that it is smooth. If you then shave against the flow of growth, you will be uprooting the root of the hair, and that is a license for ingrown.


Tip three: hydrate your skin with warm water

Before shaving your hair make sure to moisten your face using warm water and shave cream if you use a shave cream. When hydrating your face, you could put a clean face towel in the warm water and squeeze out the water but not dry, then carefully dab the towel on your face. Ensure you do this evenly across your face area to relax and dilate the skin surface to open up the pores.

A well-hydrated face helps to soften the hair and cleanse the pores. It allows the razor to go smooth on the skin and cut the hair with ease. When you hydrate with warm water, it clears the skin surface of grease, and the hair follicles are freed of bacterial infection that may aggravate an ingrown situation to cause your facial skin to be painful.
Tip four: allow the razor do the shaving
When you shave, don’t think it’s your pressure that does the work. Indeed, the more pressure you apply, the more you endanger the skin. With more pressure on every stroke, you run the risk of cutting more skin than the hair that is the target. The result of pressure and cut is ultimately ingrown hair.

With the right razor and high quality in nature, you will achieve smoother and cleaner shave with light, gentle stroke on the razor. When you use a quality razor, the sharpness of the blade will be perfect and the cut efficient that you will notice almost not impact on your skin when cutting your hair.

When you shave, maintain a single stroke down the cut path instead of rubbing the razor on the skin. Efforts to rub the blade on the skin will only leave your skin injured and consequently painful.

Tip five: clean and moisturize after shave

You should note that blockage in the path of hair growth on the skin causes ingrown hairs. After shaving, the likelihood of hair trappings in the pores is common, but you don’t have to leave it there. Immediately after you finished cutting, it’s time to do the cleansing work again to free the pores and prepare the skin for another round of hair growth.

Apart from removing outgrown hair, the process of shaving also removes moisture from the skin. After you finished shaving, take the time to moisturize your skin again. Failure to do this will allow the dryness of the skin to trap outgrowing hair on the surface to return to the skin and cause ingrown hair.

Immediately after shaving, you need to cleanse and moisturize your face and skin again to maintain constant skin moisture to allow free passage for the hairs coming out after shaving. What you need to do is cleanse the face using appropriate skin friendly cleanser to give your face the pampering for healthy skin. After you wash, you need to use the right non-alcoholic moisturizer to keep your skin supple and fresh.

The way you shave your hair may be the reason for your ingrown hair. You may have tried every product on the market without success, but the problem may be the way you shave your hair and not the product. Follow the tips above and let us know if it works for you. We are confident this is sure to work.