How to look beautiful without makeup
How to look beautiful without makeup
How to look beautiful without makeup

Makeup is every woman’s best friend; it makes them look beautiful, classy and even to an extent, boosts their self-esteem. We all get so happy on makeup, but are we that comfortable without makeup? Do we still like the image we see? Do we still look that beautiful? Chances are most ladies answer would be a capital letter NO.

The fact is that you can also look beautiful naturally without wearing makeup. You might be thinking it is not true, but reading this article to the end; you might have a change of mindset.

In this article, I will discuss some simple tips to look and feel beautiful all day long without makeup.
1.    Drink lots of water. I would continue saying this again and again that change begins from within. What you consume has a lot to do with your body and skin. Drinking lots of water would help nourish your skin and make it soft and beautiful.


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2.    Exercise.  Work it out! When exercising, you enhance blood circulation and flow. An enhanced blood flow and circulation would boost your appearance. Exercising regularly would give you that bold, fresh, glowing look and skin that you want. Exercise should be on your timetable from now on.

3.    Exfoliate. My second tip on looking beautiful naturally is to exfoliate. Exfoliating your skin will get rid of dead skin cells and unclog pores. Exfoliating your skin twice a week would leave your skin soft and fresh. This would enhance your beauty, and your skin would look so refreshed. I would recommend you to use Agave Lime Salt Scrub from pure tropix that costs $12.I use this exfoliator to exfoliate my skin, and it is great. It is also natural, organic and is not harsh on the skin.  

4.    Cleansing.  When you are done with exfoliating all the dead cells of your skin, cleanse your skin. Cleansing your skin would make look so young and beautiful. It would also give your skin a lighter and healthier complexion. Each morning when I wake up, I grab my purifying honey oil cleanser from pure tropix that costs $15.  Using the honey oil cleanser gives my face this clean, fresh look. This way, I know I can go to work looking beautiful and healthy without wearing makeup. 


5.    Moisturize. Your moisturizer should be your close friend. Moisturizing your skin makes it moisturized and nourished. The more nourished and moisturized your skin is, the more beautiful your skin gets. You can say no to wrinkles and dry skin if you moisturize daily. I am a big fan of moisturizers and, I ensure I use the best moisturizer there is, I use exotic face moisturizer from pure tropix that costs $14.99 to moisturize my skin. I love the face moisturizer because it makes my skin supple, soft and baby butt smooth. Of course, the product is organic and natural. You can also port to natural oils like olive oil; don’t worry natural oils gives the same effects but I would recommend you buying from a trusted sources so as to be sure that the olive oil is 100% organic. Do not forget to moisturize your neck, face, hands and feet. 

6.    Shampoo your hair always. Your hair goes a long way in making your look beautiful. Shampooing your four times in a week makes you look refreshed and beautiful. If your hair is looking dirty and unkempt, no matter how much you try to look beautiful, you would never get that dream look you want. You want to go 100% organic even when it comes to your hair, that is why I recommend using natural shampoos, I prefer it to the harsh ones and, it is just perfect, it would give your hair this glow and radiant look, you would fall madly in love with.

7.    Have lots of sleep. Yeah I know, it is easier said than done. Most people are so busy that they even skip their time of sleep, but this should not be so. I know you have to get out of your comfort zone if you want to make money, but you still need sleep. Sleep would not only rejuvenate the body and skin, but it would enhance your thinking capacity; the fact is you cannot think well nor act well. You need sleep and lots of it if you want to look beautiful without makeup.

8.    Eat healthily. And yes I would still say it, “change comes from within”. What you put in your mouth matters a lot in having beautiful skin. I am not saying you should start dieting and starving yourself…… I am asking you to add vegetables and fruits into your diet. Instead of grabbing French fries, ice creams, and other junk foods, why don’t you go for mangoes, oranges, berries, lettuce, and bananas? To look and feel healthy, you need to eat healthily. French fries, pizzas, ice creams, samosa, and other junk foods might be enticing; you just have to close our mouth and eyes to it. I am not saying you can’t eat them, but it must be limited and controlled; you can’t eat your cake and have it. 


9.    Dress nice. I wouldn’t call you beautiful if I see you dressed in a tattered, oversized dress (well, except we are acting a movie). To look beautiful without wearing makeup, you need to dress well. I am not asking you to go bankrupt because you want to dress well; all I am saying is for you to dress simple and classy. Dress modestly in a way that would speak well and beautiful about you.  You don’t need to dress like Kylie Jenner or Kim Kardashian; you can create your style that suits your personality and of course fits you.

10.     Smile. You have probably heard that a lady gets more beautiful when she smiles. Dearie, it is not just a passing story it is the truth. The more you smile, the more beautiful you become. So, ladies, it is time to show off that sweet teeth and SMILE. I have to say this, most times the reason people don’t want to smile is that of their teeth (don’t laugh, its true) any lady with brown teeth would have the tendency of not wanting to smile, so what do we do? I would genuinely advise you to use a power toothbrush and replace them every three months (please do not extend three months). You should also port to a toothpaste containing fluoride and try brushing your teeth at least twice a day for about 2 minutes. These tips I gave you would help whiten your teeth and brighten your smile. If you feel that those tips are not working, you can try oranges and baking soda treatment; it is 100% organic and efficient in whitening your teeth.


Let me conclude by saying that you also need to wear a positive attitude. You need to accept yourself the way you are while trying the best way you can to be the best you want to be. Above everything else, stay around people who truly love you and appreciate you for who you are.
True beauty comes from the inside of you!