Ingrown Hair Prevention

  • Munilah

    I used a razor to acquire a clean shave and two days after these bumps came up. I used the ingrown hair formula and within 9 days this is the result. Thank You!
  • Whitney Nykole

    Look at my neck! this is only 10 days of using the ingrown hair treatment. I had no idea it was goign to work so fast. I can run my hand over it and it feels so smooth now
  • Miriana

    Thank you so much, your product really helped me. I've only been using it for a week but i wanted to send this picture because i already see the dark patch of bumps fading

Tropical Facial Kit

  • kaatje manufis

    It really helped clear my acne and scars. I've only been using it for a few weeks and people are already telling me how clear my face looks.
  • Angel toetuu

    I've been using the clay mask and scar & blemish cream for 2 weeks and there has been a drastic change in my face! I seriously love your products. Like really love it, I'll be ordering the face mostuirizer soon too
  • Kishana Martinez

    I've ordered your product, and in 1 week this is the result. I am so happy nad confident in my facial beauty. Thank you so much. The Jungle face mask only!

Scar & Blemish Cream

  • Lua

    Hi guys! I used the scar and blemish cream and the jungle clay mask for about 10 days and i can already see big results, thank you so much!
  • Ava

    Only two weeks progress! it's hard to see progress when you look in the mirror everyday. I swear i was in denial but i stayed consistent and now its dramatic!
  • "Nubian Curls"

    I seriously never do this, but these are the type of pictures that i look for when purchasing a product. PureTropix scar and blemish cream TREMENDOUSLY cleared my skin in a month
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