No more aging! Q&A
No more aging! Q&A
No more aging! Q&A

There is so much going on today on the beauty and wellness scene, that the oldies but goodies get forgotten. The secret to youthful skin is Vitamin C and while many other innovations are still in testing mood, this one is proved to work! And before you start grabbing all the possible supplements, let’s try and sort out all the info. The perfect skin blog is always here for a fast Q&A.

Does it really work?

Oh yes, girl it does! It clears toxins out of your body, rejuvenates skin, helps produce collagen and has amino acids that will get your skin glowing. Sounds great, right?) But think of it as of  something important for your whole body, as skin is just showing your health status. So it will also boost immune system, prevent cancer, reduce brain fog and you will feel energic and beautiful. Sign me up.

How to get it?

Food is the easiest way. Why do you think stars like Jlo and Eva Mendes are so picky about their food, it’s because what you are what you eat. Want the glow – ditch the fast food and get some real nutrients from fresh food. The best source of vitamin C are oranges, lemons, limes and even papaya! Sounds yammy right?) Start of the day with a glass of water with lemon – celebs swear on it as their beauty secret, or eat an orange at lunch. What about the greens? Greens, carrots, bell peppers are also a great source and if you are stuck at a fast food venue and have no other choice for the day – check the menu, they often have salads too.

“Why do you think stars like Jlo and Eva Mendes are so picky about their food, it’s because what you are what you eat.”

What about beauty products?

If you want to maximize the effect and want to try some vitamin C products there is a few things that you must know. First – Vitamin C is lost when exposed to air, light and heat, so the packaging of the product must be dark and opaque, this is the only way it will last. Pick quality products and when first time using ensure that the product is not brown, it means that the packaging wasn’t tight and the product already oxidized. And keep your beauty products out of sun. There are a lot of interesting products on the market and not only for the face! The Puretropix Ingrown hair prevention kit which works like magic has also vitamins C and A from papaya extract:

We are very proud of having so many great before and after coming from our clients every day. The power of nature is unbeatable!

Should I supplement

If you feel like you are not getting enough or your diet is far from being perfect at the moment – you can definitely supplement, but of course always consult with your physician. Your health should always be a priority! The safe dosage is considered to be 500 mg, while 2000 mg per day the upper limit. Check the reviews of the product and experiment with the dose to see what’s best for you. But remember, fruits and vegetables should be the base of your diet and not only for the glow.