Top Foods to Eat for Healthy Skin
Top Foods to Eat for Healthy Skin
Top Foods to Eat for Healthy Skin
You are what you eat. This statement is no doubt one valid one considering that nobody can do without food. Your skin and all other body structures are formed based on what you eat. While one may not fault the fact that you need other products for a glowing, healthy skin, food is indeed a fundamental requirement for healthy skin.

Your skin is the organ everyone sees, and its nourishing comes from the inside according to what you eat. Here are top foods you need to eat if you desire healthy skin.

1.    Coconut Water

Coconut is an amazing tree with lots of health benefits. The way to determine a healthy skin is in its hydration, and one food that ensures well hydrate skin is the coconut. As you grow, your skin needs to maintain its elasticity to remain firm and young looking, one food that provides skin elasticity is coconut water.

Coconut water contains electrolytes that make your skin firm and glowing. Take a cup or two of coconut water daily and see how your skin will respond by looking fresh and young. Apart from its amazing skin health benefits, coconut water is sweet and taste quite beautifully when drunk.

2.    Bone broth

As you age, the body loses some vital nutrients you need to replace often to keep a balance and maintain optimum health. Bone broth provides you the right nutrient to heal your gut and supply needed collagen for your joints, nails, and hair.

3.    Wild salmon

Omega 3 is an essential l nutrient found in fish, but it’s more in wild salmon fish. Eating fish need some care to avoid toxin-laden fishes, especially the larger ones. Eating large fishes, one risk toxins like mercury and PCBs but the smaller ones are safe to consume for nonvegans.

Omega 3 fatty acids are essential nutrients for fighting inflammation and cancer. By eating wild caught fishes like salmon, mackerel, sardines, etc., you are tapping into the immense world of fish benevolence and quality nutrient good for the skin. 

4.    Green tea

Green tea is rich in antioxidants. This essential nutrient helps to fight bacteria causing skin disease and inflammation that are responsible for skin problems. Green tea provides a soothing effect on the body and contains the polyphenol, EGCG, with a potent antioxidant power. Drink green tea often as it helps fight high blood pressure among other health benefits.

5.    Herbs and spices

When you prepare your favorite foods, you need spices to enhance their flavors. Apart from the flavor, they also give essential nutrients like vitamins and minerals to keep the body in optimum health. Most herbs come with anti-inflammatory agents to protect your skin from skin problems.

From skin diseases prevention to skin glowing properties, herbs and spices are essential food items everyone should eat from time to time. With nutrients from herbs and spices, your skin is enriched with essential nutrients to improve the collagen and elasticity level to remain firm always even as you age.

One secret those who understand the remarkable works of herbs and spices have is using it as anti-aging ingredients to maintain a youthful look. Herbs like turmeric, gingers, garlic, pepper and much more are quite good for keeping body and skin health. Some herbs and spices do more than skin health; they also impact favorably on our mental health that we can ward off known and unknown mental illnesses as we age.

6.    Protein supplying foods

Protein is an essential body building nutrient helping our growth and maintenance of our body structure and skin. The body needs nine critical amino acids which you can get from different types of protein rich foods. You can find protein in both animals and plants, and whether you are a vegan or otherwise, your protein needs can be supplied from the foods you eat every day.

It will interest you to note that collagen alone takes about 30% of the protein in your body. Collagen is essential for skin health and another healthy look of the body. To obtain your daily protein needs, you can eat from a wide variety of food both plant and animals and take the time to plan your protein needs and supply to give you what you need without shortfall in supply.

Foods rich in protein include egg, meat, beans, and assorted other foods common within our reach.

7.    Vitamin supplying foods

When your body lacks essential vitamins, the effect is usually unfavorable. Scaly skin, cracks in your body skin and other bodily problems. People who sick often may be as a result of lacking in essential vitamins. There should be no reason for your body to lack essential vitamins if you plan your food and eat well.

We have around us so many foods rich in vitamins. We do see and touch them every day, and you can get them so cheap that you don’t need to go borrowing before eating a good quantity of vitamin giving foods. Foods rich in vitamins include - onions, fruits of all kinds, eggs, liver and most veggies and a few of the tuber food types including spices and berries.

8.    Blueberry and  walnut smoothie

You need to get creative sometimes to give yourself a healthy treat of the best combination of foods. Blueberry and walnut smoothie is an excellent way to power up your antioxidant supply for more bacterial fighting body system.

A good combo of smoothie rich in essential vitamin giving food will provide the desired quantity and quality of essential vitamins and minerals to do your body some good. Whip some walnuts in homemade walnut milk and other nutrients that can combine to provide great body nutrients for optimum health.

Your creativity and knowledge of the ingredients are necessary for the best healthy homemade smoothie. Walnut contains a healthy amount of magnesium known to help keep the blood flowing with health which is good for your skin.

9.    Oatmeal and pumpkin

Be careful when combining your food types to avoid combining foods high in the glycemic index to prevent sugar boost. Like bringing oatmeal and pumpkin together give a perfect combo of health-giving foods and indeed a better combination for your skin. Oatmeal is low in GI foods while pumpkin is perfect foods rich in beta carotene. Berta carotene is a pro vitamin known to produce vitamin A and good for skin health.  As for oatmeal, its digestion rate is slow and helps for better metabolism. These tow food combined will contribute to give your body essential nutrient and health tune for optimum health.

10.    Zucchini Chickpea burgers

This combo is high in vitamin E that are essential for the skin. It brings sufficient skin hydration because of the presence of zucchini that is 95% water to give you supple and healthy skin. It introduces sunflower seeds, chickpeas, quinoa which provides enough skin caring nutrients to prevent acne and other skin troubles.

The best part of this food is you can eat it as a burger and solve the urge of attachment to junk food thereby making you getting the warm feeling of eating junk but in a healthy way.

Again, we are what we eat. The more you take the time to plan your food to bring in essential nutrients beneficial to your skin health, the better you will feel and look every day.