The Way to Stop Popping Pimples in the Deadly T Zone
The Way to Stop Popping Pimples in the Deadly T Zone
The Way to Stop Popping Pimples in the Deadly T Zone

Anyone can suffer occasional pimples just like any other skin condition. Its seeming unstoppable onslaught on the skin may lure us to want to pop it out, but you need to be careful not to offend your T-Zone as doing so carry potential high risk including the possibility of death.
Studies have shown that the area around the corner of the mouth going to the nose bridge is potentially dangerous. The T Zone is said to contain blood vessels that link to the back of our head, and you know what that means if one accidentally pop a pimple around the danger zone that leads to blood vessels rupture. In the event of this happening could result in loss of vision, brain abscess, meningitis, and ultimately death.
Does this mean anything to you?

Right on your face is said to be a collection of blood vessels; the passage where blood is supplied to the back of your head. Anything having to do with the head is dangerous, I hope you know that already, and should any of the vessels rupture because of pimples popping, the result will be grievous. While pimples are an annoying piece of skin troubles, you need to learn how best to handle it without resulting in more problems than you are prepared to handle.



Reasons not to pop pimples

We have talked about the T Zone which carries the potential risk of death if it ever goes wrong, there are other reasons you need to stop popping pimples as listed below.

  • Bacterial infection. The popped pimple pore may become infected with bacteria to cause further skin trouble which could take longer to heal. As we know, bacteria are everywhere, and an opened pore is a real ground for breeding different strains of bacteria.
  • Long-term skin discolorations. A skin infested with bacteria is prone to scarring and bruising which resulting a lifetime body may mark. You also need to live with the ooze of wet pimples with all the irritation that goes with it.
  • Infection Spreading. A heavily bacterial infested skin is prone to affect other areas of the body including possible ingestion that may lead to more health complications.



Learn to stop popping pimples

Having adequate information about pimples is a way to develop active countermeasure against its spread. There is a most important lesson to learn about pimples; they have the time when they are ready for popping. Apart from such time, never attempt to pop it. The moment a pimple is ready for popping is when the pus is close to the surface; call it the time when a pimple is ripe for popping. But, unless you note that the pimples are ripe for popping, never pop it.
Avoid popping pimples that are blind of cystic. Pimples at such stage are located deep into the skin and may cause trouble if popped because they are hard and will result in pain if pressed or touched.
Best way to stop popping pimples

While we may try to comply with the no popping rule, most people find it irresistible to pop. But when the face is pimples free, there won’t be anything to pop and that way you can avoid popping. Therefore, the best way is to reduce the chances of developing pimples by maintaining optimum facial hygiene.