Ten ways to use coconut oil for gorgeous skin & hair
Ten ways to use coconut oil for gorgeous skin & hair
Ten ways to use coconut oil for gorgeous skin & hair

Studies have shown that coconut is a 100% beneficial plant to humanity. From the leaves to the root, all the different parts have something of health benefits to man, and it is no wonder coconut has been an excellent source of gorgeous skin and hair. One of the products derived from coconut is coconut oil and has good skin and hair benefits. We will look at ten ways you can use the oil for your skin and hair.

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  1. Body cream. Coconut oil can go with other health giving products to produce homemade essential body butter to make your skin glow to the admiration of all. Producing homemade butter helps you to escape the dangerous chemical based products in the store shelves.

  1. Homemade scrub. Removing the regularly occurring dead cells from your skin should be a routine, and instead of going with the dangerous chemical scrubs, coconut oil homemade scrub is a credible option.

  1. Shaving cream. You can use coconut oil for smooth shaving instead of the one you use right now. It provides the better choice to the chemical shaving creams out there.



  1. Face wash. If you have normal skin, coconut oil is a perfect option to your usual face wash. However, be careful of break outs as some people complained about it.

  1. Makeup remover. Coconut oil and pad will correctly remove your makeup for you. Just rinse your face after use for radiantly smooth and clean skin.

  1. Hair softener. If you battle with tangled and thick hair, coconut oil is a perfect ally for softening your hair. Apply a little quantity of coconut oil to your hair and wash after 30 minutes, dry the excess water with a dry clean towel and watch your hair become shining, soft and healthy.



  1. Whether for hair or skin, coconut oil is a natural moisturizer that keeps your skin and hair moisture always. It prevents breaks from hair and cracks from the skin. It’s just perfect!

  1. It’s good for cooking. Talking about eating healthy for gorgeous skin and healthy hair, using coconut oil for cooking gives your body a healthy benefit from the inside out. Eat to your health!

  1. Skin sore treatment. You can use some coconut oil for sore treatment. Dab a little coconut oil on your cold sores and see the rapid healing that follows. It also reduces the occurrence of scarring or discoloration after it heals.

  1. Rash guard for baby diaper. If you notice rashes on your child's buttock, add a little coconut oil to the baby buttocks before using diaper helps prevent skin rash associated with diaper use.


Coconut oil is a natural ingredient active in many skin and hair products. You can use coconut oil at home for various homemade essential skin and hair products at home.

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