Oil cleansing - Does it really work?
Oil cleansing - Does it really work?
Oil cleansing - Does it really work?

You see it all over the beauty community – youtubers talking, magazines mentioning it like the greatest discovery. There has been so much discussion lately around this trend, that we decided to sort all the things and myths out and give you all the essentials on the cleansing oil thing. The Perfect skin blog is here for you to help and answer all the questions:

Cleaning my face with oil – is it even real?

Yes, it is. And it’s one of the most effective methods of cleansing the skin. It might sound counterintuitive at first, but when you take a moment to think about it – oil dissolves oil, it is a proven fact and you will be amazed of the transformation of your skin. Often, the usual face washes interfere with the skin balance, leaving it dehydrated and flaky. We all know that feeling when after washing your face you feel like it just sucked up all the life out of it.  

“Oil dissolves oil, it is a proven fact and you will be amazed of the transformation of your skin.”


So, I have oily skin – this is not for me, right?

Actually, your oily skin will also benefit from this kind of cleansing. When you wash your face with standard face gels or soap (omg don’t do that ever) you strip it off its natural oil barrier, so the skin thinks that it must produce more oil to rebalance it. As a result you get an even more shiny and problematic skin. Oily and combination skin types will love it too. To be absolutely sure that the oil you purchased suits you, do not change other beauty products in your routine. Introduce just 1 and see how your skin reacts to it if you want to double check.

Oh, great, so I can just use my baby oil that I have in the drawer?

Emm, not really. Baby oil contains mineral oil and it actually can clog your pores. So it will be so much better to buy a good product, and get very picky if you have acne or really problematic skin type. Read the labels and check out options. A bottle of a good cleansing oil will last you, so it is a budget friendly option that will make your skin look at it’s best. You can try the Puretropix Purifying Oil cleanser and see how your skin will change in an amazing way: https://puretropix.com/products/purifying-honey-oil-cleanser
No need of too much talking about this products, as reviews speak for themselves.


Will I see big improvements in my skin?

You will see your skin replenished, healthy and glowy. Finally – full of life! The texture will be less visible and the general appearance of the skin will be so much smoother. Oil cleansing is also a great anti-aging option, the fine lines will be diminished and the skin will look younger. And don’t forget to clean your skin every evening and never go to bed with make-up, it is essential for having a clean and beautiful skin.