Nude make-up from A to Z
Nude make-up from A to Z
Nude make-up from A to Z

In the era of Instagram make-up and using lots of products just to look “yourself”, it is hard not to go overboard and we often end up having a cake face. After all, wasn’t make-up supposed to give us an opportunity to be us, but just a little better? If you are tired of piling up tons of product on your face every day and want to have an easy natural morning routine – this article is for you!

Start with the base

The most important thing in a nude make-up is the skin, it is about creating a radiant complexion, a look like you have slept well (and you better do), eaten a balanced diet, are happy and healthy with a gorgeous glow from within. No foundation will help with this, you if you have a flaky, uncared skin – so give it some love! Exfoliate skin in the evening, have a mask, the organic blue green algae can do wonders for your dull and tired skin – try this Puretropix brightening mask:

And don’t forget about moisturizer for prepping your face in the morning before make-up. Use a small amount and give it 20 minutes to fully absorb into the skin, so the next products will not go sliding around.


„When you are balanced and when you listen and attend to the needs of your body, mind, and spirit, your natural beauty comes out.” Supermodel, Christy Turlington.

Less is more

Pick light textures and use less than usual, you are amazingly beautiful and there is no need for the foundation to cover your face like a mask, take it easy and build gradually, if you feel the need to add more. Adding is always easier then blending away a heavy layer. If you have some spots or an unwanted “friend” popping up somewhere on your face, address it very precisely with a specialized concealer and a tiny brush, instead of covering the whole zone with foundation

Kissed by the sun

Remember that moment when you look in the mirror after a couple of days of vacation, smile to yourself and feel so beautiful, cause you have this kissed by the sun look? A bronzer and a hint of blush can do the trick on a usual day. Don’t contour, just use a fluffy brush to uniformly touch the forehead and perimeter of the face. You can go for glowy version, but for the daytime stay off the ones with a sparkle to avoid looking like a disco ball in the sunlight.

Perfect by nature

You could stop right here, put a lip balm on and call it a day, the rest is up to you! If you have only 10 minutes in the morning – spent them on your skin, you will feel put together and day by day will feel improvements in the skin, if you take your time in the evening to thoroughly cleanse, tone and moisturize, your face will thank you very soon. But if you have some additional time or are just in the mood – you can use some neutral eyeshadow in cool natural tones, just for some slight definition, a brow powder or gel to tame your brows and even some mascara. Just remember to be very gentle with your eyes when taking your make-up off in the evening and never rub them.