How to ensure your skin stays poppin’ this summer
How to ensure your skin stays poppin’ this summer
How to ensure your skin stays poppin’ this summer
Summer is a time to go hot and adorn your cutest clothes. It is the time to reveal more of your lovely and beautiful body. But while all the fashion and show off sides of summer is getting you to hit the sunny day with your best attire, have you considered your skin? 


Here are some ways to make sure your skin stays poppin this summer and for more summers in the horizon.


  1. Be aware of the weather conditions. Before going outside, check to know the weather prediction for the day. Even though we are excited about summer, we need to take care of our skin from ultra violet lights.  Find out the humidity levels and be sure it's not too high for a safe outing. Go out prepared each day according to the weather situation if you must go out. With sufficient information and preparation for the day's outing, don't forget your sunscreen cream, your sunglasses, and appropriate cloth.
  1. Use Sunscreen cream. I know, I know, you have heard that for the umpteen times, but I need to mention it for emphasis sake. Even for black people who are naturally protected because of the sufficient melanin on their skin, you still need to be careful as a little caution won't hurt. Find the way to protect your exposed body parts like the face, chest, and shoulders.  Knowing that it will take a few months before your skin returned to its original tone, you need to protect it from fallen prey to UV.
  1. Munch on mixed nuts. Brazil nuts are rich in selenium with chances of boosting your skin elasticity and decrease skin cancer. Throw in walnuts—which are rich in omega-3 fatty acids; it lowers inflammation and stops breakouts. Don't forget to add some macadamias diet for radiant skin.


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  1. Drink fluids. We tend to feel less thirsty as we grow age. But knowing the importance of water in your life should spur you to take more and more of it for proper skin hydration. Make sure you drink up to two liters of clean water every day for fresh, non-toxic body. Consult your doctor for advice on the right quantity of water you need this summer, especially if you are on medications.
  1. Do not forget your skin care routine. Observe your daily skin care routine to keep you going all through summer and as always. You don’t want to become a stranger to your skin care chores after the season and start learning the rope all over again.


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  1. Watch what you eat. Be careful of dairy products even the organic ones because they could push up your oil gland which may clog your pores and lead to acne. Foods like milk on salad, shakes and protein bars are no, no if you love your skin this summer. Diary stimulated hormones are not your friend, and you need to keep off for your skin sake.