Big City Life - How to deal with stress
Big City Life - How to deal with stress
Big City Life - How to deal with stress

We’ve all been there. The life gets faster and the going gets tougher. Maybe you’ve decided to take a break and it got a bit better. Maybe you even travelled for a week to a retreat, but you come back to the alarm clock, task lists and skipping lunches and here we go again – that killer stress is overwhelming you.

Solutions? Are there any?

The craziness around is not going to stop anytime soon, the best solution is to finally admit it. Well, you can drop everything, runaway from the world, move to the countryside and forget it, but let’s be realistic – it is just not possible for the most of us. We have jobs, we have chores and we have bills to pay. One thing goes and the other one appears, the key is changing perception. Think about it as if you were the stones in the river and the water is all the mess happening around, it flows – you stay. And you matter, your peace matters and every day of your life. So, start now! Building your inner peace and balanced life.
5 small changes that will bring calmness back to you:

#01 Early to bed, early to rise

Netflix is not going to run away from you, really! Stop binging and get to bed earlier. Leave this fun for the weekend. Your good sleep is essential to fighting stress. Yeah, we know it feels like resting and distressing while watching your favourite movie, but sleep distresses more. So go to bed.

#02 Rush slowly

Often you are beating yourself up even before others begin to. Do not check emails first thing in the morning, get a breakfast. A 5 minutes meditation will help you on the way of getting your life up to a normal rhythm. A good start of the day, a slow build-up of intensity will make you cope so much better with the long list of to do’s.
“The craziness around is not going to stop anytime soon, the best solution is to finally admit it.”

#03 Simplify everything

Get rid of all the stuff that makes your life harder. Too many bottles of everything and a beauty routine that keeps you too much in the bathroom? Skip it, have only a couple of products that really work and make a difference and use them, The Ultimate glow kit will be your saviour:

Do some prep work in the evening or weekends: pick the clothes, sort your the bag, prepare the lunches to go. It will all save so much time and make you feel better.

#04 Read before bed

Sounds old-fashioned? Well, it’s not. The most successful CEO’s of this world do that every day. It helps them to slow down, prepare for bed and it reduces stress – proven fact. Get some ebooks, picks something inspirational that will set you up in a nice mood and don’t forget to switch your devices to night shift, it will make the screen orangey to avoid exposure to blue light that keeps you awake.


#05 and when it’s really too much…

Just take a short weekend flight to a new city or some beautiful place. Sometimes 2 days can really change a lot. New emotions, new people will make you forget about the daily stuff that never leaves your head. See your sister, get to meet an old friend, discover a new neighbourhood riding a bike.
And most importantly, take it step by step.