Strawberry Skin Scrub


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My holy grail for clear skin. no cap. @puretropix ‘s honey cleanser 😍 obsessed. (Y’all can stop asking what I use now) 😂


 I get a lot of questions about my body skin care routine and how to keep it soft and smooth. @puretropix has been such a life saver with that !! The body scrub is the best thing to use before shaving and it leaves your body so moisturized and the body butter 😫 it leaves you soooo glowy and smooth omg.


"Saw a big difference after one use. Skin felt so soft." - Serena

There are few things worse than taking the time to flawlessly shave your legs only to have their smooth appearance ruined by "Strawberry legs” If you find yourself victim to those pesky, dark spots sometimes referred to as “strawberry skin” you're not alone!! This common skincare concern is an annoyance many of us face!  

The good news is that we have the fix!

This deep cleaning treatment is made with Sea Salt, Rose Clay and Organic Coconut that gently exfoliate dead cells to help clean and exfoliate the skin! We filled this scrub with all kinds of amazing ingredients like pineapple, papaya, apple cider vinegar and baking soda making the perfect combination to clear those spots of your legs!

🌴Alleviates Strawberry Skin

🌴Softens and nourishes dull and dry skin after the first use

🌴Releases ingrown hairs for more effective leg shaving

How to Use

Apply to damp skin to exfoliate by massaging with upward circular motions 1 - 3 per week concentrating on areas including hands, feet, knees and elbows. May also be used before getting into a warm bath or as a foot soak for the ultimate experience in well-being. Follow up with your favorite body oil or cream.

Why it Works

Organic Sea salt has a high level of naturally occurring minerals which help to cleanse pores deeply, balance oil production and thwart bacteria that can instigate breakouts and acne.  

Coconut oil is highly nourishing, it reduces inflammation and keeps skin moisturized.

Moroccan red clay evens out blotchy skin tone, and reduces acne – specifically stubborn blackheads. Bromelain is an enzyme that acts as an alpha hydroxy acid and removes dead skin cells via exfoliation.

Organic Baking Soda has mild exfoliating properties that help in banishing bumps Apple cider vinegar helps balance the pH of the skin and helps in smoothing and improving skin texture.


Organic Sea Salt Flakes, Himalayan Pink Salt, Organic Coconut Oil, Apple cider Vinegar, Moroccan Red Clay, Organic Baking Soda, Bromelain (Pinepapple extract, Lime essential oil, Mint Essential Oil.