Skin Care Solutions (HACKS) for Acne Prone Skin!
Skin Care Solutions (HACKS) for Acne Prone Skin!
Skin Care Solutions (HACKS) for Acne Prone Skin!

Skin Care Solutions (HACKS) for acne prone Skin!

Pure Tropix Hack to healthy skin


Acne is an endurance tester! No matter how enduring you want to be with acne to pack its baggage and leave your beautiful skin, it won’t budge until you give it a stern, no mercy fight back to leave your body. The more disturbing thing about acne is the finance to face it with the so expensive solutions that most times you only have to pray to be effective.

If you are looking for effective, yet affordable skin care solution for acne prone skin, this article will make you achieve what you want. Below are two parts best acne home remedies to rid of your skin’s stubborn acne fast and never to come back, it’s guaranteed! The first part presents tips to give your skin the foundation for optimum health while the second part discusses DIY solutions using healthy organic ingredients to give you a natural skin care solution for all year round skin health.

Tips for optimum skin care health to ward off acne fast

1.    Water

I am not joking; water is the most amazing medicine nature has given us for free. If you know how to use water for your health, you will thank the day you decided to go 100% on water therapy for your skin health. It does not matter the type of skin you have; whether dry or oily skin, water does an excellent pore cleansing job by hydrating your skin and helping to push out toxins that have turned your skin into a comfortable apartment to spend their lives.


Pure Tropix hack to Healthy skin

If you want to use water as a solution for your acne, you will need to program yourself to make drinking water a regular habit. Put aside the soda and go for water. Spend the right amount of time bathing and while you exercise, make sure to drink water as often as possible.

When you stay with water in through drinking and bathing, it helps to hydrate your skin and remove creasing and make your skin pores cleaned. The result is a glowing, youthful skin to bring out your natural beauty.

2.    Remove makeup before your skin routine

If you do it, I am sure you know that no two skin routine is the same, but it is essential that you do it at night or in the morning. Before you start at all, make sure to remove your makeup and free your skin of the burden of makeup. You want to make sure to properly remove your makeup with the right removing material to free your skin properly.

You need makeup removing products that can go deep into your skin to cleanse the pores of dirt. You will come across many products, but always be wary of chemical based makeup removal as the side effects are more dangerous than the job of removing makeup that you got them to do.


pure tropix tropical facial kit


You can try Tropical Facial Kit from Pure Tropix for more efficient makeup removal and get your skin, ready for the real pampering to ward off acne on your delicate skin. Being able to cleanse your skin without dirt hiding in the pores is a way to have a healthy, acne free skin.

Another facial cleanser is essential to give your face the lift it deserves to stay oil free and prevent acne. Facial scrub from Pure Tropix provides an excellent solution to skin problems if you know how to make that happen. Of course, there is no magic to it other than following the instruction on how to use and apply is to your skin as and when due.

3.    Pamper your skin

You need a professional touch on your delicate skin once in a while. Skin pampering is not an everyday affair, but you can do this twice, thrice or four times in a year according to your pocket and time. Professional skin therapist understands the important things to do on your skin to keep it glowing and always in health.

Puretropix hacks to healthy skin


DIY solutions using healthy organic ingredients to give you a natural look

Very close to you are materials from nature to ensure your skin is healthy all year round if only you could take the time to learn and use them. Every society has them in abundant, and you don’t lack them either. The only problem is information and the time to get up and make use of them. In this article, we will look some home skin remedies you can try with amazing results. Get ready for a fun ride!

1.    Honey

Honey is natural and provides you with its antibacterial, antifungal and antiseptic power to keep your skin in optimum health and save them from marauding skin diseases. Honey can do so much for your skin because of its exfoliation and skin repairing benefits. Thus, honey is an active facial treatment ingredient that will keep your skin looking glowing and healthy always.

Honey combines with the right ingredients become so beneficial for your skin that you will wonder what magical spell you cast on your skin that makes it look so supple and pleasant. The trouble with many people who knew about the wonders of honey that they don’t use it is the lack of knowledge of other ingredients to bring together. I agree with them because the best natural ingredient can become a lethal product when combined with the wrong but equally harmless ingredient.

But I have good news for you about honey as Pure Tropix Purifying Honey Oil cleanser is a product you don’t want to joke with when it comes to making your skin come alive and defy acne forever! The product combines with the right ingredient to bring you high-quality skincare solution for acne treatment and eradication.

2.    Papaya

You eat this sometimes don’t you? Yes, it’s a great fruit for its succulent and water flavor as well as its great nutrients and vitamins so useful for the body and skin. It is gratifying to note that papaya contains protein dissolving properties that are a superb exfoliation agent on the skin. It helps to break down the skin surface to remove dead cells and rejuvenates cell growth.

If your challenge is how to turn your favorite pawpaw food into skin care products, I have a product from Pure Tropix I can recommend that contains papaya extract and it works wonders when applied to the skin. Like papaya would deal with acne and keeps your skin hydrated all day long, you will get the same effect from Pure Tropix Jungle Clay Mask, the product that contains papaya extract.

Jungle Clay Mask also includes other skin beneficial and active ingredients that protect your skin from different types of weather exposure to give you luminous and refreshed toned skin.

3.    Coconut oil

Coconut contains potent antimicrobial and antibacterial agents. They are two ingredients that are awesomely beneficial for the skin; they are Capric Acid and Lauric Acid. These two acids are what the breast milk contains that makes it so powerful infection prevention agent in suckling babies. It also contains vitamin E that is an anti-inflammation agent that prevents the inflammation of the skin by balancing the sebum glands and prevents skin irritation. The effect of coconut oil on the skin makes it perfect solution for acne and warm the skin up for healthy living.

To achieve a more potent feat, Pure Tropix brought coconut oil together with like minds ingredients to create all natural products for the skin. The Jamaican Gold Extreme Body Butter does a perfect, yeoman’s job to keep your skin in optimum health safe from acne infection.

Keeping your skin healthy and free of acne isn’t a wishful thinking; you need to take action with the knowledge to maintain acne off your skin. The above solutions are essential elements to give you a healthy, glowing and supple skin free of acne and other acne side effects.

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