Ingrown Hair Down There (bikini area ingrown)
Ingrown Hair Down There (bikini area ingrown)
Ingrown Hair Down There (bikini area ingrown)

    You may escape it during winter and other cold seasons, but summer will not stay in hiding forever. During summer, many of us have to bare it all in the bikini, and we make sure it’s fitted and looking beautiful. I know it’s the time to tease some nice guys around and make other ladies jealous, but while basking in the fun of bikini, do not forget ingrown hairs are also watching the places to attack your body downstairs!

To look great in a bikini, we want to shave regularly to keep the pressure garden clean. Razor works and waxing and so many other styles of removing the hairs in the sacred plot of our body’s real estate are all taking place, but the mess they often leave behind is ingrown hair you need to take care.

ingrown hair prevention 
Why should you take care of your bikini area?

It’s your woman’s pride asset. Who wants to open up the most prized assets she has only to look so unclean and so offensive that your man feels driven away. You will be lucky if you meet the right gentle and shy guy who pretends all is well. But when the reverse is the case, you want to ask the ground to open so you can just disappear without a trace. No thanks to ingrown that have found enabling ground to sprout like the mushrooms in its season.


Ingrown hair has no respect for your public areas
Ingrown is a visitor who visits without prior notice or seeks your permission before coming around. You will just wake up to discover something so unpleasing that you want to tear off the skin area for some comfort and pleasant feeling. Now that you know ingrown does not respect your beauty or social status or class, the best thing you need to do is learn how to tell ingrown to keep off your private estate for some free land to cultivate and grow. If you desire to make your downstairs free of ingrown and looking fresh and radiant, continue reading.
Men too aren't exempted

Like it affects women, the male folks are not spared either. So if you are a man reading this before you think it’s all about women, yours is around too because the heat being generated down there can cook an egg; * smiles* so you need to do something too. But we are talking about women in this article, please read and pass the information to the women in your life.


How to take care of your ingrown hair downstairs

Ingrown hair can result in multi-dimensional skin troubles especially in your eve’s garden surrounding including your virginal, the labia, and the pub. But it's good you are reading this because it’s about to get kicked out of your life completely if you follow the suggestions I am going to give below. 

Contrary to what you must have heard, many solutions out there only help to aggravate your situation not solving it. Now listen and listen well to what I have to say. Picking your ingrown is not a solution and please do avoid picking like a plague; well, my two cents! Don’t pick your ingrown so it won’t lead to scars and wounds that may make your bikini areas ugly looking. 



Solution to under-pant ingrown hair

I warned about picking ingrown hair because the process of doing so often lead to scars and wound to your skin. And because of how ingrown hair develops, it could give room for bacteria growth that may multiply the spread of rashes and bumps under pant causing more discomfort and social stigma especially if you are the sensitively, shy type like me. Who wants to open their garden only to see so many rough and unsmooth roads to heavenly places that may irritate some guys and make you sad? Well, that’s me I am sorry if I sound so sensitive and hype-like.


First solution: Keep it clean

If I say clean, I don’t mean just using any available soap and water. Nope! I am talking about the combination of shaving and washing that keeps your down there in proper hygiene to ward off bacteria. 


Here is what to do for a clean cleaning exercise:

•    Keep the blood vessel area dilated: Ingrown hairs are natural hair follicles in our body waiting to grow into full hair outside our skin. They come through the skin cells and need open ways to grow out. Before we shave, it is important to keep the skin blood vessel open enough not to trap any hair underneath. So, to do this get a clean, soft cloth and dip it in warm water, along with mild non-film soap and wash the area a few minutes before shaving. As you wash, do the washing in a circular motion to dislodge sharp tips and clean all surface areas.

•    Use shaving cream. After washing with warm water to dilate the vessel, apply shaving cream and lather up. Note the direction of hair grows to know the direction to shave.

•    Cut in the direction the hairs grow. Our hairs have the direction they grow. Follow the direction your hair grow, so you won’t deliberately go against the natural flow of your hairs. While shaving, please be gentle in the way you apply pressure on the blade as not to stress your skin.

Second solution: Use only cotton underwear

The position of your downstairs makes it warmer and tends to create moisture. Moisture and warmth are breeding grounds for bacteria. Since it will be weird to go fully naked, it is important to use underwear that is 100% cotton.

Nylon and synthetic fabric clothing or anything less than 100% cotton tends to create intense heat. The more heat under there the more the room for bacteria thriving and ultimately the skin pores around the area get blocked thus creating room for ingrown hairs. Please avoid clothing that gives ingrown the excuse to sprout like mushroom around your lady garden.


Third solution: Avoid tight clothing

Well, well you need to apply common sense when using this solution. In the summertime, we tend to go full bikini which tends to create openings for people to look at us even closer than before, any loose clothing around the rim of the thigh may leave a see through to our private estate, which you don’t want to happen. Having said that, staying not outright too tight on any clothing you wear saves the stress of dealing with ingrown hairs.


Fourth solution: prevention is better than cure

Why would you want to trouble yourself treating ingrown when you can prevent it, and you will never have to go through the pains of dealing with its effects. Yes, you read correctly, ingrown can be avoided with an effective solution such as “Ingrown Hair Prevention” from Pure Tropix. Using this product ensures you won’t have to labor on curing ingrown and your days will be as peaceful and that of the dove; the bird of peace!

On your way to staying free of ingrown, you need the right knowledge to guide you on the right path. If you can follow the discussion above, I assure you, nothing like ingrown will visit your world down there ever again.

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