How to Properly Clean Your Makeup Sponge
How to Properly Clean Your Makeup Sponge
How to Properly Clean Your Makeup Sponge

Your makeup routine should not stop with applying the beauty product only; it should extend to cleaning your tools of makeup application. Just like a makeup product has its expiry period, the makeup tools also do expire. One of such tool is the makeup sponge which has a lifespan of about three months, but this may be shorter with poor makeup cleaning culture.

What is the proper way to clean your makeup sponge to last longer?

While experts’ advice is to replace your makeup sponge after three months of use, you need to maintain a proper hygiene condition for a gem free sponge as discussed below.


  1. Wash it consistently every day. Your Beauty Blenders come as sponges that absorb the surrounding particles failing to wash them often may result in it become a thriving home of bacteria. You need to remove them with clean water of drinking quality. You need to avoid using tap water because it contains dissolved salts.


  1. Use warm water. Your sponge’s frequent use for makeup exposes it to makeup which will clog the inner layers of the sponge. Dipping it in warm water helps to dissolve the impurity making it easier to remove during washing. When doing this, use different washing bowls; dip in the warm water for a minute and squeeze it to drain out the water; repeat thrice to bring out the dirt. Rinse thoroughly in running water.


  1. Use shampoo. The shampoo contains an excellent dirt removing solvent that has a fantastic cleaning effect on a makeup sponge. Properly mix some quantity of shampoo with water and soak your makeup sponge in it for a few minutes. Wring the shampoo content from the sponge and adequately rinse it to remove all shampoo content from the sponge.
  1. Use blender cleanser. A blender cleanser start kit is an excellent way to clean your makeup sponge. This soy-based formula product is helpful for removing oil, pigment, and dirt from your sponge. If you can afford it, you will find this option so cool because of its super clean effect on makeup blenders.


You can achieve a super clean effect of your makeup sponge if you follow the step by step guide below.

  • Dampen it lightly. All you need is a slight dampening of the sponge to moist to absorb the soap.

  • Apply the cleaning solvent. Apply a little cleaning agent onto the sponge.

  • Knead in the cleaning agent. Use your fingertips to evenly massage the soap into the sponge, ensure the soap gets in, sufficiently.

  • Add water to rinse. Add clean water and wring the sponge thoroughly to get into every part of the sponge. Add more water and squeeze out to remove the dirt. Repeat until the soap is gone and you can feel the cleanliness.

  • Dry with clean towel.  Lightly roll the sponge in a clean and dry cloth to remove moisture and leave it to dry.

Maintaining a high level of personal hygiene with your makeup tools will not only help you make quality makeup, but it will also ward off germs from likely dirty sponges.