How to Get Flawless Skin (Part 2)
How to Get Flawless Skin (Part 2)
How to Get Flawless Skin (Part 2)

Set-up a skin care routine
After knowing what works, you need to apply. Unless you make it a conscious effort and use it accordingly, getting a good result might be difficult. You need a routine for the morning and night as well as learn how to protect your skin from the sun during the day.
Change your lifestyle
How we live our lives have direct effects on our skin health. If you are a smoker (no offence), or you are heavy on alcohol, and keeps late night and don’t get regular recommended sleep for your age, sister, it 's hard to chase after two active rats together without losing one of them. You want to check your lifestyle and make some changes that support flawless skin.
What do you eat?
A friend once jokingly told me that if you eat lots of fruits, you would be fruitful and if it's junk foods every day, you should expect nothing but junks. Her joke was to help me take control of my life and get me to achieve what I desire most - a healthy looking skin and youthful appearance. I am glad I didn't ignore her joke and thankful I heeded her warning.
Your skin is a reflection of your living style
For more radiant and glowing skin I like for us to look at the habits that produce the flawless skin you have ever wanted. You need to note, however, that every life’s worthwhile effort is worth giving your time. Without making an effort, nothing gets done, and no result should be expected.