Beauty Basic / Skin Care: Evening Routine
Beauty Basic / Skin Care: Evening Routine
Beauty Basic / Skin Care: Evening Routine

The amount of time and resources people spend on rejuvenating their skin is worth commendation. And honestly, I am impressed that not only the woman folks are in the game of skin maintenance these days, men too are waking up to it, kudos! I feel to encourage more people, especially women to take a deeper interest in caring for their skin; there is the need for more information and simpler method of achieving youthful and supple skin for everyone. That exactly is the purpose of this article.

Why regular skincare is essential?

People wear clothes, and indeed beautiful clothes because of the need to appear attractive and acceptable socially. Likewise, our skin is what people see first when dealing with us. It’s what bring people closer or drive them away in social places. Just like an antenna, the skin is what determines the programs we receive in our interaction with other people. So, when people look at your face, what do they see inside of you?

The reason I write this article is to talk to you about your skin and not just talking but to teach you the steps and methods you can use to make your skin shine more and radiate handsomely every moment of your day. We shall be looking at tips, simple tips to make your skin look like that of the little baby again.

pure tropic skin care

The basics in skin rejuvenation

I will be discussing five tips I know are essential in building great skin. When you dutifully go through the five tips I will be talking about; I bet your skin should take a new life and give you the amazing, beautiful look you have always wanted. The price to pay on your part is to pay attention and do as I advise. Doing, I mean taking action is the most potent secret to achieving remarkable success in everything you do including changing the look and feel of your skin. So let’s go there.

A warning!

Who has dry skin helped? I don’t know anyone with dry skin that feels good about it. Whatever you do in your skin care routine, you must avoid anything that will make your skin dry. And the chief culprit in a dry skin is alcohol and paraffin. Please avoid them like the plague and one way to do that is watch out for them in any skin product before using them. The second warning I want to talk about is never to stop drinking water. Water helps to keep your skin hydrated and supports every other skincare and health products you use. Drinking enough water every day is a way to live on the side of quality health, please don’t forget that.

Now, let’s get going:

Number one step: Cleanse your skin

Cleansing your skin is the foundation of all the good things you are bringing to your skin. You know that a good foundation will take on anything without causing undesirable effect on the superstructure. So, think of the cleanse process as the most important part of your skincare routine. I rate cleanse high in the importance table because it will give every other thing you do the quality they bring. With a well-cleansed skin, all the essential ingredients and benefits other products you will be using will penetrate your skin well and perform wonders.

honey oil cleanser


Make sure the cleansing product you are using is useful especially if you are like me that wear lots of makeup. I recommend using cleansing oil instead of soap or any other product. The oil melts away your makeup and dirt and nourishes your skin. One product I want to recommend is Purifying Honey Oil Cleanser from by Pure Tropix. This is an organic product, and it’s so efficient that you won’t need a second cleaning before removing the entire make up to the depth of their foundation. With this cleansing oil, no need worrying about damage to your skin or get irritated after use. Please discard all your synthetic cleansing oil if you use one and give the Tropix solution a try.

Number two-step: Treat your skin

The skin treatment process helps to give your skin the balance it needs to survive the hard weather out there. It contributes to detox your skin against impurities and calms it from inflammation and other irritants. You don’t need chemical to do this for you because skin treat after cleansing is the finisher needed to keep disturbing radicals at bay from your skin. I will recommend an awesome product, it is natural 100% organic and brings immense benefits, and the product is Jungle Clay Mask from Pure Tropix. You need this skin treat to give your skin the lift it deserves. When you use Jungle Clay Mask, it brings out all the impurities from your skin to the surface. The next time you cleanse, you can cleanse your face of all the impurities leaving only clear pores for more air penetration, and lovely skin feel.

pure tropic jungle clay mask

Number three: Tone your skin

Now listen well! When I talk about toning your skin, I mean toning and not pure alcohol on it. Be careful of most skin toners out there as the majority of them come with an alcohol base. You don’t want to use alcohol on your face because it will dehydrate it and it will soon go flaky. Get natural/organic toner that gives your skin the quality it deserves; that is what you need anyway so go for Green Ginger Toner from Pure Tropix. 

The product contains essential vitamins and herbal extracts as well as antioxidants that protect your skin all day long rather than pose a threat to your skin. Use this skin toner before applying your moisturizer every day to give you the quality skin you have ever wanted.

Number four step: Nourish, Nourish, and nourish your skin

Following toning, your skin is to nourish it with quality organic skin nourish product. You need to be careful of what you buy when it comes to your skin. Alcohol and chemical based product are out there waiting to deal a damaging blow on your skin. Please avoid them every way you can for the sake of your beautiful skin. I am particular about avoiding alcohol and chemical based product because I know the depth of the damage they can do. While they are cheap products, I bet you will spend so much trying to repair the damage they cause without getting a thank you in return. Sadly, some skins never recover till eternity. Get an organic serum and use on your face.

honey cleanser

Number five-step: Moisturize your skin

Again, the skin moisturizer I will recommend is one that is wholly organic and produced by an organic based company whose every product is natural. Pure Tropix you may want to learn more about them to see what I am saying is all natural herbal product believer and promoter. Go for Exotic Face Moisturizer from Pure Tropix for your skin moisturizing. Organic moisturizer hydrates your skin all day long and gives it the nutrient and health it deserves. Exotic Face Moisturizer contains Vitamin C Esters to boost your luminosity and improve your skin collagen. It also comes with Vitamins A, B5 & E and other cool nutrients to give your skin the lift it deserves for optimum radiance.

vogue pure tropic

For a parting gift, let me share an excellent product from Pure Tropix with you. If you are concerned about the cost for those like me who are always on a budget, I want to recommend Tropical Facial Kit. It’s a combination of three steps skin care application to cleanse, tone and hydrate. You will find this product handy and affordable. 

Alright, let me leave you to go try out what we have talked about in this article. See you with great testimony soon. Have fun and stay beautiful.

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