5 Steps to Banish Ingrown Hairs



5 Steps to Banish Ingrown Hairs
5 Steps to Banish Ingrown Hairs



Sometimes, you get up in the morning to find a part of your skin is reddish and uncomfortable. You can't say what it is, but it hurts so much you want to tear down that part of the skin. Upon a closer look, you saw something like a needle inside of your skin. Then you discuss this with a friend, and she told you it is a razor bump and that it will go away.

By the evening of the same say, you discover more of the needle-like spots around your chin, cheek, or neck area. You will get more “home doctors” (people who want to help by telling you all sort of things you could do to solve the problem. But suddenly, someone came around and said its ingrown hair you have been playing with all day long. Then you ask what an ingrown hair is?

I know you are reading this piece because you need information about ingrown hair, mainly how to defeat it! Yes, anyone who had experienced ingrown hair would testify to its stubbornness; however, the good news is it can be banished if you know how.

I am a believer in the saying that to defeat your enemy; you have to know them. Therefore, you need to know what an ingrown hair is to defeat it completely.

What is an ingrown hair?

Ingrown hair is a situation where the hair takes a u-turn while it’s coming out of the skin to return to the skin again. Returning to the skin can be on a straight or sideways path. Imagine a plant growing from the ground and suddenly took a bend to grow downward into the ground again. What do you think would happen, if the ground were to be a human who can explain how they feel?

how to remove ingrown hairs

Causes of ingrown hair

Hardly there is smoke without fire, is a saying to remind us there is a reason for every life event. For ingrown hair to happen, there is a cause or multiple of reasons. This is why most people who experience ingrown hair do have it after shaving or because of the cloth they wear. But more prevalent in ingrown hair occurrence is among people with coarse or curly hair texture.

Other causes could include the type of skin routine you keep and your general skin hygiene including your way of taking care of your hair. Most men and ladies are known to be vulnerable while the way you cut your hair can also lead to ingrown hair. You need to be observant of the way you live and pinpoint what you did last before the emergence of your ingrown hair.

Are ingrown hairs curable?

Well, they are not diseases to start with; but the condition is a reaction to something not done right in our everyday lifestyle which we need to observe, identify and change. It could be your dress, especially your underwear, the way you cut your hair, your skin routine, the cream and bathing soap you use and much more. Then, if you ask if ingrown hair can be banished from your skin forever, I will answer in affirmative! 

ingrown hair

In fact, how to banish ingrown hair is the goal of this article, and I will discuss that in a moment. Now, let me add this, patience! Yes, in your journey to wage war on ingrown hair, let your most potent ammunition in your arsenal of war be “Patience” because you need to give each solution you apply the time to work and produce a result. If you can do that, please come with me in the next discussion to talk about how to banish ingrown hair from your body and your life!

Solution to say goodbye to ingrown hair in 5 cool steps, permanently

If you have experienced or still experiencing ingrown hair on your skin, you will agree it’s stubborn. But the solution we are going to discuss I can say are even more stubborn if you ask me. So, we will be pitching two stubborn things together in a duel of the century. Let’s see who is more stubborn and who win the fight, but I bet you will be victorious is you can be patience and believe!

Solution one: choose what you wear carefully

Dressing well and look good is important, but if you have an ingrown hair problem, don’t give it the environment to thrive in your body. Some wears are helping hands to bacteria growth because they cause your body to sweat and the dampened environment cause bacteria to grow, and one sure cause of ingrown is bacteria around the hair follicle areas. The reason when you tried to pick out your ingrown hair and the surrounding become infected is the presence of bacteria that sp4read with every touch.

The clogging of your pores blocks the pathway for out-coming hairs to make a u-turn and pierce through into your skin to cause you immense pains. You can avoid ingrown hair by wearing the only cotton; I mean 100% cotton material in all your underwear for more airy feel and less sweat and no bacteria growing and skin free of ingrown hair. Does that make sense to you? Now, it’s your turn to start wearing 100% cotton patiently wears underneath.

Solution two: Stop picking your ingrown hair

I know this will sound odd because most ingrown solutions out there talk about getting some clean sterilized tweezers to pick your ingrown hair. But I beg to disagree! Picking on ingrown causes more problems and you don’t want to live with scars after getting out your ingrown hairs. Please leave it alone and apply other solutions discussed here.

Solution three: Exfoliate well and regularly

See, the reason your hair couldn’t come out and result in ingrown is that the path was blocked by whatever gets in the way. Your effort at banishing ingrown hair should be to clean your skin pores. Exfoliation removes dead skin cells and rids your skin of debris likely to block the pores. You need a good and efficient skin scrub that rids your skin of dullness and brighten it for a natural look. When you skin pores are open and clean, you will have got rid of any possibility to blockage and stay free of ingrown hair. One product I know is great for exfoliation is Agave Lime Salt Scrub. Try is today and stop ingrown hair permanently!

Solution four: use ingrown hair product

This part is tricky. But with this guide, you should have it straight and easy to apply. Using ingrown hair product can be for prevention and treatment. But more importantly, knowing what works because there are so many claims out there that get people confused about what works. But please and please, before going for ingrown hair product prevention or cure, make sure you apply and stick with all the solutions already discussed. If you have done that, then I want to recommend a product I know will prevent ingrown hair professionally if you permit me to use that word. The product is Ingrown Hair Prevention from Pure Tropix. It contains natural ingredients that will not only prevent ingrown hair but will nourish your skin to become youthful, soft and spotless!

ingrown hair prevention

Solution five: avoid bathing soap that leaves your skin clogged

Using soaps with a film is a no, no if you want to get rid of ingrown hairs. Do you know such soaps that after bathing it feels like you have some thick oil on your skin? Such soaps aren’t good for you at all and try all you can to avoid them. Remember, a blocked skin is a veritable ground for ingrown and other skin troubles.

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